Sometimes all you need is inspiration…

When it comes to marine conservation it is often all doom and gloom. There is a lot we have to worry about: Global warming, overfishing, acidification, habitat destruction, plastic pollution, loss of biodiversity, etc. Indeed, it is looking very bad and talking about the state of our oceans can be quite depressing.

However, there is no reason for giving up. Slowly, people start to realize that humanity has to step up to turn things around. Not tomorrow, better yesterday, but today. The momentum is there!

Therefore, we decided to share the stories of people and projects that dedicate their efforts towards a positive future, to healthy and thriving oceans.

We want to inspire others, by telling their stories, how they try to make a difference by doing what they do, within the capacity they have. Because sometimes all you need is inspiration.

For inquiries, feedback and questions, please email maketheoceangreatagain.blog@gmail.com


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